• Services for Psychiatric Clients

    • Diagnostic assessment, evaluation and recommendations on early signs of mental disorders.
    • Psychological testing and evaluation as a tool in the treatment and management process
  • Services for Non-Psychiatric Clients

    1. Educational Placement

      • Children who need Psychometric Evaluation prior or after their enrollment in Special Educational Center;
      • children who need Psychometric Evaluation for school placement.
    2. Clinical

      • Individuals with behavioral problems;
      • individuals who are under rehabilitation programs as well as under custody of other agencies;
      • individuals who may be experiencing specific mental or emotional disturbances and problems causing loss of interest in work and in social functioning and are being referred by agencies and professionals;
      • individuals with developmental delay referred by embassies as part of their requirement for travel overseas.
    3. Neuro-psychiatric examination and evaluation

      • Job applicants or candidates for promotion or permanency;
      • individuals who are applying for scholarship program and for further academic trainings.
    4. IQ assessment and evaluation

      • for children and adolescents referred by schools and child welfare agencies.
    5. Adoption

      • Children an/or adolescents who apply for adoption both local and inter-country;
      • Adults who intend to adopt.
    6. Abuse

      • Individuals who are victims of economic, physical, verbal, sexual and / or psychological abuse;
      • individuals who are accused of physical, verbal and/ or psychological abuse.
    7. Beneficiaries

      • Individuals who may be qualified as SSS / PhilHealth beneficiary.
    8. Annulment

      • Individuals who are petitioning for nullity of Marriage.
      • *Must be referred by a ¬†Psychiatrist.