The PYAMH is an organized core group of students from different Colleges and Universities in Baguio City and Benguet Province. Its general objective is to be able to organize a core group who will be PMHA’s partner in the promotion of mental health in their school. Specifically, it aims to introduce PMHA, its mission and vision to the members of the organization, to establish strong linkages with the selected organizations, to train and mobilize the school’s organizations in the promotion of sound mental health, and to recruit more PMHA members.




Benguet State University

Easter College

Saint Louis University

University of the Cordilleras

University of Baguio

Cordillera Career Development College



  • Executive Committee Monthly Meeting

pyamh mtg

The members of the core group or representatives from the different schools meet every first Sunday of the month to plan and evaluate activities for the PYAMH.



  • Lecture Forum

The lecture forum is done twice per school year, this is to update and impart new knowledge on trending issues faced by the youth in this modern times, topics are chosen through the collaboration of PYAMH EXECOMM and PMHA.

2nd Lecture Forum: “Positive Psychology” by Dr. Normita Cruz. Venue is hosted by the Benguet State University last  October 17, 2015








The latest / 3rd Lecture Forum was held on February 6, 2016, with back to back topics on “Understanding Mental Health and MEntal Illness” by Dr. Normita Cruz and “Thief of Innocence. Putting a Stop to Child Abuse” by Ma’am Cristina Anioay. Venue was hosted by the University of the Cordilleras through the collaboration of the UC PYAMH and PSYCH Society.





Open Forum


An open Forum after the talk. Students actively participate, speak up their mind and ask questions regarding the lecture. Dr. Normita Cruz entertains and answers question about the effect of culture / tradition in Mental Illness Intervention. And Ms. Cristina Anioay also explains males’ rights and protection against abuse and what they can do to prevent it.






  • Acquaintance Party



The acquaintance party is done after the establishment of partnership with the different Universities and Colleges and after the PYAMH EXECOMM has been chosen. This is a great opportunity to unite the different schools with one goal, be mental health advocates.











  • Youth Life Enrichment Program Seminar

Problem Solving


The Youth Life Enrichment Program Seminar for the PYAMH was just launched on March 6, 2016. The different representatives from the different universities and colleges of Baguio City and Benguet Province were gathered for a whole day seminar.

They have undergone a Self-awareness Activity and a lecture on Understanding Mental Health and Mental Illness, plus some team building activities.

The main goal of the YLEP is for the group to collaborate on activities for the upcoming school ear and to pass on the advocacy from the graduating students to the lower years.







The participants of the PYAMH YLEP.










The representatives presented the activities that each group has collaborated.




  • Academic Festival


The Academic Festival is an Annual activity that promotes the awareness of mental health trough different competition namely: Poster Making, Essay Writing, Oration, Song – Writing, Mental Health Quiz Bee,  and Spoken Word Poetry.






  • Outreach Program

  • Christmas Party