Kampus Bayani

The Kampus Bayani (KB) is a unique activity of PMHABBCI, every year the PMHABBCI – LINK club search for indigent  students who have positive coping with life. Those that despite are experiencing difficulties in meeting the necessities of  life are able to balance their school, work, family and community involvement; they are the ones who observe good morals and right conduct in dealing with everyday life. They are Kampus Bayani because they serve as models to the youth in discerning the choices in life. This activity is conducted every November – December of every year.

The following are the criteria for Mr. and Ms. KB:

  • has responded positively to tests in character (e.g copes positively to stressful events/problems, is responsible, relates well with peers/other people, accepts strengths and weaknesses as a person, has no vices);
  • passes all his/her subjects;
  • he/she is not related either by consanguinity/affinity with the past Kampus Bayani candidates for the past 5 years;
  • has contributed to the welfare of the family as sibling caregiver or engaged in an enterprise (i.e. porter, baggage boy, baby sitter, carpenter, etc.);
  • is actively involved in the community (barangay/church) by joining or initiating activities beneficial/helpful to the community;
  • he/she did not join the Kampus Bayani Chapter-wide search for the past years;
  • *he/she is a registered LINK club member (specific date applies);
  • belongs to a family with a combined yearly income of Php 100,000.00 and below.