Clinical and Diagnostic Services (CDS)

The CDS Is the secondary level of intervention program of the chapter.  It is an out-patient mental health clinic involved in the assessment, diagnosis, and management of emotionally and psychologically disturbed individuals. This Program is carried out by Psychologists, on-call Psychiatrists, and on-call counselors.

CDISD Services:

  1. Initial Interview/ Assessment with guardians, parents and/or case workers regarding the clients’ case
  2. Psychological Testing and Evaluation on the following cases
  3. Satellite Testing
  4. Individual, Group and Family Counseling Services
  5. Testify in court with regards to the Psychological Evaluation of clients who are survivors and alleged perpetrators of abuse; and for custody cases.
  6. Referral services to other agencies and/or Professionals
  7. Provide training for undergraduate Psychology students from the different colleges and universities in Northern Luzon.
  8. Family Support Group