1st Place Essay Writing Contest in the 9th LINK Club Academic Festival

Fight for Life

by Christine Bolislis ~ Gov. Bado Dangwa Industrial School – Main

In our ever-changing world, a lot of dilemmas and challenges plague our life every day. Numerous crimes, illness and global issues are rampant nowadays that as a youth, it is difficult to overcome each of these problems we face as we slowly grow and develop. Some could not survive in their hardship that they result to alcoholism, substance abuse and suicide while others will develop mental health problems that will further burden their life.

So as a youth, staying resilient is one of the keys to stay strong amidst these storms. One must stay clam even in chaos, and to bounce back even if a lot of challenges burdened them. But how do we stay resilient? One must always keep a positive mind. Always keep in mind that there is always a bright side in every problem we face. Another way is to keep yourself engaged in your hobbies. If you are stressed or pressured, try to enjoy yourself by doing what you like. It greatly helps in relieving you from the tension and panic you may feel within the incoming days. Another important reminder is to keep yourself surrounded with your family and friends. Find someone whom you can talk to and trust whenever you need to confide your problems like your loved ones. It is better if you feel someone supports you in your hardest times. Lastly, pray, it won’t hurt if you try to sit down, relax, and tell God especially if emotions can quickly override your thoughts and actions.

Just remember that if other people can overcome their dilemmas, you can too. Life is too short to stay miserable in pain. Taking an easy way out of your problems like suicide is not a solution. You can do this.

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