Greetings and welcome to the website of the Philippine Mental Health Association Baguio ? Benguet Chapter Inc. (PMHA BBCI)!

This cyber site aims to keep you informed about the challenges of keeping healthy and sound mind as well as the eventual prevention of mental illness, through our programs, services and activities.

Advocating the importance of achieving mental health and preventing mental illness through different information dissemination activities is our primary service. Year after year, the chapter conducts workshops, seminars, trainings, symposiums, and lectures in coordination with international and local agencies and individuals that promote mental health. These activities are open to youth, adults, and professionals from the different sectors and other agencies that are interested to support our cause. We believe that instilling a sound mental health in early years is most effective; hence, we have organized groups in the high school and in the university levels through our Lakas Isipan Ng Kabataan (LINK) Club and Progressive Youth Associaiton on Mental Health (PYAMH) respectively. These students are trained to become mental health advocate in their family, school, and community. For adults and professionals, we have core groups of mental health volunteers composed of the of the barangay health workers who were trained to become support groups in the community and parents who help us promote positive parenting in the school and in the community.

Our organization also conducts psychological testing, evaluation, and counseling. We have professional psychologists and on-call psychiatrists who are much willing to assist you should you need these services.

Our membership is open to all individuals and agencies that are interested to support and join in the promotion of mental health. We hope you?ll enjoy the information we have prepared in this website and we look forward to making linkages with you. Please feel free to contact us and give your comments or opinions so we can best respond to the needs of the times. Thank you for visiting our website and God Bless!


Mental Health Facts

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Who May Develop Mental Illness?

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What is Mental Health?

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